Don’t whinge about weak trading conditions and the sombre economic outlook – get positive and do something about it! Take ownership, be accountable, fight for management support and approval, execute, measure and share results. In a restricted market, use the opportunity to refocus and refine your business practice. Strengthen your customer relationships and push through the flat market with a novel approach. Chances are if you remain standing in the rubble with your business relationships intact, when conditions improve and consumers start spending again, you will have the opportunity to thrive.

Find opportunities and exploit them; use technology to connect with consumers and take advantage of the ever-decreasing social communication barriers. Connect at all your customers’ touch points with an engaging digital experience. Marketing isn’t a process so don’t treat it as one; marketing is human science and an opportunity to help people make decisions – specifically those that involve your brand. Get proactive, be more flexible, embrace and leverage change. Do you have a vision for this year and the following five? Execute your detailed plan with measured steps and remain focussed for the long term but remain agile. Take inspiration from customers but don’t forget to test, as they don’t always know what they want. Push yourself, develop yourself and back yourself.  Be ready to deliver.


Tyres4U Dominic Byrne How does this make our customers' lives easier? Marketing Summit

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